Here we are, folks. Top Ten. Ya know what that means? I reckon some intruders are coming. No, this isn’t secret media intel I heard, just a hunch.

The episode begins with Dan telling Big Brother a sob story about his estranged girlfriend then BOOM, there she is on the big screen, having a yarn.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, BB is a big ol’ softie at heart.

Angela may be gone, but does that mean that everyone’s all buddy-buddy, sunshine-lollipops now? Helllll no. The House is still as divided as ever and everyone’s determined to strategise and take down the Alphas.

Big Brother is once again intent on seeing folks, especially Kieran, eat gross shit in order to earn actual food so sit back and enjoy watching them shovel down undesirable grub.

They ultimately win and score themselves a Mexican fiesta which looks like a good time, dunnit?

¡Arriba Arriba!

Still insecure from last night’s shitshow (suss out what happened here), Casey pulls Kieran aside to have a go at him for trying to get her out. But that, in turn, pisses off the Alphas for telling old mate K what’s been said.

So now Casey’s mad at Kieran, but the boys are mad at Casey, and Kieran is still determined to boot out Casey… I think.

Tonight, the winner of the elimination challenge can nominate not three, but TWO Housemates for eviction, which means the chances of getting booted out is higher for both.

Alpha lads Dan and Xavier win the comp (trust) and they pick sweetie Hannah as well as Chad’s fake girlfriend Sophie.

What do I mean by that? Well, according to a production source, “producers were desperate for a love story,” and cooked up the whole Chad x Sophie thing to for ratings.

Hence why Sophie did the whole ‘oh I think I’m gonna cry’ on the couch but then… didn’t actually cry. Chad then threatens that if the other Housemates vote Sophie out, he’ll “get youse out.” Honey, sit down.

Need that power couple storyline to get on the cover of Woman’s Day when this is all over, aye

Hannah receives the majority of votes and cops the boot, which is good news for Chad and Sophie’s post-Big Brother promo opps.

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