‘BIG BROTHER’ RECAP: Well That Couch Fight Was Cooked, Wasn’t It?

Ang and Marissa have joined forces with the Alpha lads, Dan, Xavier and Mat and yeah, I don’t like the looks of this one bit.

The Housemates are tasked with looking after balloons and if their assigned balloon pops, they’ll needa sleep outside for the night. Xavier has finally come out of his shell and holy hell, our elusive boi is one sassy little bully isn’t he?

He leads the charge in popping his fellow Housemates’ balloons and although he doesn’t win, he came pretty damn close and more screentime for our angel, pls.

In the end, Mat wins the comp and he, ofc, brings his lover Dan in with him to spend the night indoors.

ah, young love

The boys are treated to a lush steak dinner while the exiled Housemates are forced to eat literal dog food (corned beef and what I assume is soup, which, frankly, I wouldn’t even feed to my imaginary dogs).

While sleeping outside, the Housemates come across the first intruder of the season and you’ll be happy to know it’s cuter than Xavier.

Sophie wins the elimination challenge and chucks Angela, Kieran and Casey onto the couch. Namaste.

Look, I love Angela, she used to be my fave, but I’ve been so off her since the whole bunker scenario. She’s been on a mad power trip ever since she re-entered the House and is basically the new Talia now.

For example, it’s not really cool that she pretty much corners and attacks a person if they put her up for eviction.

And I was really put off by the couch fight. She accuses Mat of being two-faced (I mean, who here isn’t two-faced?), then goes off about Casey ‘cos apparently she hasn’t been playing game and therefore deserves to be eliminated.

So, Mat’s two-faced (AKA playing the game) and therefore deserves to be eliminated but Casey hasn’t been two-faced (again, playing the game) and also deserves to be eliminated? Say what?

Mate, the reason Casey’s a huge threat is because she made friends with a lot of folks immediately and she’s a likeable gal. She has been playing the game but she’s been doing it her way and that’s why, unlike you, she hasn’t been eliminated.

Ang has been my fave since day dot, but I’m really off her after the way she went after Sophie, Mat and now Casey. Not cool. Borderline bullying.

Pretty much everyone, including her bestie Marissa, votes Ang out and honestly, props to them for calling her on her BS.

Bye, doll. No more bunker for you.

Matty Galea is the Entertainment Editor at Pedestrian. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts sarcastic, self-deprecating content on Instagram.