Sonia Kruger’s Spilled Bulk Tea About The Hyped New Season Of ‘Big Brother’

Sonia Kruger – iconic host of Big Brother – has spilled some spicy tea about the new and improved series.

During her appearance on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa, Fitzy asked: “Everyone’s been talking, saying that you didn’t get to finish the show because obviously what was happening in the world and we went into lockdown.”

She promptly responded, “Yeah, fake news.”

“Will there be a resolution, will this all work out?” He added.

“We absolutely finished the show, yes we did,” she confirmed. “What happened is that the coronavirus restrictions came into play we were thinking ‘Wow will we get it done in time, what happens if they shut absolutely everything down and people are restricted from going to work and we can’t maintain those social distancing rules what do you do?’”

“So we compressed the production schedules so instead of shooting every second day we were shooting every day. So it’s absolutely fine, we shot it, it’s in the can and not long now and we get to see it. I’ve had a sneaky look and it’s looking really good.”

She went on to discuss how this year’s season will differ from previous years.

“Well the showers are still the same kind of shower situation but it’s not really the focus of the show, no. It’s much more strategic,” she revealed.

And as for the voting and elimination process, she had this to say: “In the show the housemates go through these really huge challenges, and if you win the challenge you get to nominate three people and then the housemates vote who goes home.”

But don’t worry folks, you’ll still be involved in the elimination process: “Yes well the public decides ultimately who wins.”

Following the recently announced contestants, Sonia revealed what we’re in for this season.

“From 19 to 62 is age range. Think the opposite of Love Island,” she said. “I love that this cast is that there is not a stereotypical reality show type person”.

“I think when you think back to the early days of Big Brother, you did get a really interesting cross-section. They had 50,000 people put up their hand to go into the house, and they’ve got a really great cross-section of people from my walks of life. I think  the cast is really compelling,” she added.

Seven has yet to announce an official release date for Big Brother Australia, but we’ll keep you updated.