Sonia Kruger’s Dropped Some Spicy New Deets About The ‘Big Brother’ Reboot

If there’s one show I am bloody keen on in 2020, it’s Big Brother Australia. The reality TV reboot has me skeptical, for sure, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not the keenest bean this side of BeanTown.

There hasn’t been many details about the ins and outs of Big Brother Australia, besides the tidbits like the house has been built in a studio, and the general vibe might be different. We don’t even have a launch date yet, for example.

But today, host Sonia Kruger sat down with The Morning Show and spilled a few spicy morsels for us.

First, she explained that whole COVID-19 shut down business.

‘One of our crew members had a brush with coronavirus and it actually shut down production for a couple of days before we got the all-clear.’

Then, she shut down the rumour that an ex Big Brother contestant would make an appearance this series.

‘I did hear that rumour, and thought it was interesting, but it’s an all-new cast.’

But finally – and this is the interesting bit for me – she revealed that the median age of contestants this season is over 30, with the youngest being 21 and the oldest being 61.

A 61-year-old Big Brother contestant!? Hook that shit to my veins! Finally, a reality show with some chaos.

I’m back in, Big Brother.