Ethan Slater’s Missus Was Reportedly ‘Blindsided’ By His Rumoured Relationship With Ariana Grande

Mere days after the media got wind of the fact that Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez had split up, rumours began to swirl that the singer was now dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater. Insiders are now claiming that his wife, Lilly Jay, was “blindsided” by the dating rumours. Things are getting really messy.

Sources who claim to be close to Ethan and his wife of 10 years have told Page Six that Lilly was “completely blindsided” — like the rest of us — by her hubby’s relationship rumours with the “Focus” singer.

An insider told the publication: “It’s horrible. They were high school sweethearts. They have a baby! She’s a wreck.”

Another source added that Lilly “believes” Ariana is the reason why she and Ethan had a sudden break up “when nothing appeared wrong between them”.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Walter McBride)

Earlier this week, insiders spilled to TMZ that Ariana and Ethan — who plays Boq in the film adaption of the Broadway musical — started dating a few months back while filming the show.

The movie began shooting in the U.K. last year and was scheduled for release in November 2024, though it remains unclear if the SAG-AFTRA strike will affect its premiere.

Back in March, a photo circulated, showing Ariana and Ethan next to each other as the cast of Wicked celebrated Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar win in London, leading folks to believe that these two may be more than just co-stars.

Like clockwork, one gossipy goose has already come out of the woodwork claiming foul play.

“Co-star is very much married and his wife was completely blindsided,” the tea-spiller shared to Deuxmoi.

“Actress knew what she was doing, and had spent plenty of time with the couple together.”

An insider staunchly denied this while speaking to PEOPLE (AKA one of the most reliable sources in entertainment).

“Ariana and Dalton separated in January,” a source told the publication. “She and Ethan recently began dating, and he is separated from his wife.”

According to TMZ, Ariana and Dalton have yet to file divorce docs, although insiders say the papers are coming v. soon.

The insider also insisted their relationship has been over since January.

Apparently Ariana and Dalton remain friendly, and he’s been seeing other people as well. But fans of Ariana aren’t too pleased with Dalton after noticing their queen has seemingly been hinting at a breakup for a while now.

In May, prior to all of this relationship hullabaloo, Ethan posted a Mother’s Day IG dedication to his wife Lilly.

“Happy first Mother’s Day to the most loving caring and wonderful mom/person in the world,” he wrote.

Page Six also reported that Lilly visited Ethan on the set of Wicked with their child. Ariana reportedly hung out with the couple and their kiddo when she visited.

Ever since the dating rumours began to swirl, Ethan has been forced to turn his Instagram to private because of all the attention he’s now receiving.

What a mess!

Image source: Getty Images / Steve Granitz and Walter McBride