Fans Believe Ariana Grande Has Been Hinting At Her Split W/ Dalton Gomez Through Her IG Likes

Arianators, AKA Ariana Grande stans, reckon she’s been hinting at her breakup with hubby Dalton Gomez through her Instagram likes.

Earlier this week, Ariana sparked rumours of a relationship breakdown after she was papped at Wimbledon without her wedding ring. Since then, sources who claim to be close to the couple said they’ve been separated since January, according to TMZ and Page Six.

Of course, when a high-profile breakup happens, fans will investigate every single minuscule thing to see if their fave stars had been hinting at the split. Recently, Arianators believe the “Break Free” singer had been showing subtle signs of a relationship breakdown through her IG activity.

Fan account Ariana Grande Charts (@grandeschart), went viral on Twitter after they posted an IG pic that Ariana had liked in January, which matches the timeline sources claimed she and Dalton split. The fan account also posted a video to show that the screenshot wasn’t doctored.

The IG post that Ariana liked was from Terri Cole (@terricole), who is an author, psychotherapist and relationship expert. Many fans believe she was liking Cole’s posts due to her alleged relationship status.

Soon after the fan account posted the video, other fans began to snoop on Cole’s Insta and found that Ari had liked a plethora of her posts.

One of the posts that Ariana liked was a quote from Hailey Magee, and it said: “Imagine how different the world would be if little girls were taught to set boundaries as often as they were taught to be polite.”

Another liked post said, “Trauma makes you tolerate a lot of shit you don’t deserve because you don’t want to lose people. Healing makes you realise some people don’t deserve to be in your life, no matter how much you love them.”

Fans also noticed the singer had liked a photo from American artist Bunny Michael (@bunnymichael), which talked about leaving relationships.

(Image Source: Instagram / @bunnymichael)

As soon as the Wimbledon pap shots hit the press, many sources who claimed to know the couple personally came forward to spill tea about the demise of Ariana and Dalton’s marriage.

“They came to the decision together,” an insider told Page Six.

“They were having problems before January, but they want to remain best friends.

“They’ve been really good friends throughout the entire process, and their friends and families have been trying to protect them.”

Queen of pop culture gossip Deuxmoi (@deuxmoi) also shared a submission that claimed Dalton was flirting in a “disguise” in March. When he was asked about Ariana, he allegedly said, “Never heard of her before.”

(Image Source: Instagram / @Deuxmoi)

With every single piece of tea that’s trickling through the gossip grapevine, please, for the love of God, take it with a grain of salt.

I think Ariana was liking posts that related to how she felt, but unfortunately, it won’t be confirmed until she or Dalton come out with their sides of the story.

Honestly, I am not even an Arianator, but I really hope she’s okay through what seems to be a difficult time.