Macca’s has officially released a collab with Budgy Smugglers, just in case anyone was looking to proudly display their love of the Big Mac on their junk.

The golden arches could be coming on life on your very own toasted buns, with the range including bikinis (‘Smuglettes’, to use their formal name), one pieces and the iconic Budgy Smuggler itself, so you can have nuggets on your…well, nuggets.

The range’ll also be available on bucket hats, the ultimate accessory for anyone simultaneously looking to stay sun safe while also repping their #Macca’sPride.

According Maccy D’s senior brand manager Liz Whitbread, the collab would be a good fit in any summer wardrobe.

We are so excited to bring together two great Aussie icons to create the ultimate summer uniform. 

“Whether it’s lounging on one of Australia’s iconic beaches or dipping in and out of the pool, this summer is all about doing things we love with people we love.”

And obviously, the person (being?) I love most on earth is Grimace, the sentient, purple, walking tastebud.

macca's budy smugglers range
You too could be laughing joyously at a McDonald’s fry!

Over the course of this summer, Macca’s has announced a slew of special products, including onion rings (God bless) and the chicken Big Mac, to name literally just a handful.

If you’re keen on the idea of copping some Macca’s themed swimmers — or you just need new bathers and are overwhelmed by all the options on ASOS — the range’ll be available from January 8th in Budgy Smugglers stores or on their website.

The one piece is going for $90, the bikini top and bottom are $55 each, and the OG Budgy Smugglers will set you back $60.

The range will only be available until stocks last, so get on that shit faster than you got on the limited edition Tim Tam McFlurry.

Image: Supplied