Fizz Up Your Summer Wardrobe With Some Sick Merch From The White Claw x Barney Cools Collab

Was 2021 the year you wholeheartedly jumped on the alcoholic seltzer train? If you answer yes: very much relatable. Now, legend of the seltzer world White Claw has collabed with Aussie clothing brand Barney Cools so you can showcase your love of those bubbly little tins in a sartorial sense.

The range is apparently 90s themed and frankly I’m obsessed.

Plus, you can tell the collab is cool because all of the promo pics are shot in black and white.

White Claw x Barney Cools.

It also makes me want a Passion Pop merch range that’s early 2010’s themed: maybe a collab with Von Dutch or Supré? Someone please, make this happen.

Let’s be honest, the seltzer is the best drink of summer. Like the slightly aloof older cousin of the Vodka Cruiser or UDL, but less prim and proper than a cheeky prosecco. It’s got everything I want in a beveragino: bubbly, tasty, portable and thus pre-drinks efficient.

The collab is genderless and runs in sizes XXS to XXL and – as you might expect – is a limited edition run, so if you’re keen to cop some Claw merch you’ve gotta get in quick.

Personally, I can’t think of a better accompaniment to the iconic VB bucket hat. Combine that with a pair of Macca’s budgy smugglers and your summer fit is sorted.

Before you know it, your wardrobe is going to be full of aesthetically pleasing brand merch — and who knows, maybe it’ll score you a complimentary schooner at the pub.

The range includes a terry towelling corduroy shirt (ideal to soak up your summer sweat) plus a corduroy cap (sun safety, kids) and a vintage-style graphic tee which are both adorned with the iconic White Claw wave.

The clothes-slash-accessories are also all coloured white (duh), so maybe steer clear of drinking red wine when you’re decked out.

White Claw x Barney Cools.

Nat Taubman, the founder of Barney Cools, said the collab was a “no-brainer”.

White Claw has been synonymous with summer since its inception and was the first within their category to win us over from our beloved brews.”

That hat’ll set you back $39 bucks, the terry shirt $99 and the tee $59, and you can pre-order them on the Barney Cools website now.

LBR, “get on the beers” is so 2000 and late. We’re in our get on the seltzers era now, baby.