Be Still My Beating Tongue: Macca’s Onion Rings & Revamped Big Macs Are Here

Sir Ronald McDonald has been listening to what the people want and that, my friends, is onion rings. Just in time for summer, Macca’s has dropped a slew of tasty treats and when I tell you my mouth is WATERING.

Obv number one on the list is onion rings, which I am convinced is a ploy by Macca’s to get Lorde to revive her onion ring review finsta account.

Honestly, me and you both, Ronald.

The onion rings also come with a side of BBQ sauce, which means it’s the perfect hangover food because BBQ sauce is the best hangover condiment (sweet with a little bit of tang, flavourful but not overstimulating).

As anyone with refined culinary taste knows, the onion ring is the culinary equivalent to Frodo‘s one ring in Lord of the Rings: worth fighting a nasty little guy for. Macca’s first unleashed the rings last summer, and it’s clear the Australian people have been clamouring for these crispy delights to make a return.

Next in the list is another returning great, the Chicken Big Mac. If you’re wondering, it’s a Big Mac with chicken in it: does what it says on the tin (or specifically, the paper burger packaging.)

This is especially perfect for anyone who doesn’t eat red meat, but craves the magical but ultimately inimitable flavour of the Big Mac sauce.

According to Macca’s, the burger includes “golden chicken patties smothered in special Big Mac sauce with lettuce, onions, cheese and pickles”.

Genuinely weeping with delight at the thought of eating one of these at the beach. When the grains of sand mix with the sauce to create a texture like no other.

And, finally, is the Big Mac Bacon, which “[boasts] all the flavours of the traditional Big Mac, with crispy bacon and Macca’s famous Special Sauce”.

Essentially, it’s a beefed up (or perhaps bacon-ed up) Big Mac, a particular win for the salt fiends.

Honestly Ronald, take my money and RUN.

The new items – as well as the TimTam McFlurry – hit shelves on December 1, so go forth and delight those tastebuds.

Macca’s is also launching a Summer Promo with a prize pool worth $23 million. If you spend $10 or more on the MyMacca’s app between December 1st and 28th, you’ll win one of the prizes: the ultimate sweet side dish to any salty snack.