Macca’s Is Doing A Spicy Boy Quarter Pounder, So Prep Your Anoos Accordingly

For those of us who have monched into a Quarter Pounder from Macca’s and immediately thought “hmm, this would be better if it lit my tongue up like the NYE fireworks” then get extremely keen, because the burg lords have released a Chilli Quarter Pounder from today.

[jwplayer jQ2zjxrR]

Though you can only cop it through UberEATS at the moment, the burger is your bog-standard Quarter Pounder but with a healthy splurt of a spicy chilli sauce to really get your mouth going. Think meat pattie, onion, cheese, pickles, and a spicy boy sauce replacing the classic tommy sauce and mustard combo.

The spicy burg might just get me back into ordering a chocolate shake with my meal instead of my classic fave post-mix Coke.

The spizzy spizy quarter pounders are available right fkn now through UberEATS, which I will always say is good to me because I don’t have to put on pants or be in any way ready to face the outside world and still enjoy a feed.

Macca’s hasn’t said how long the spicy boy/Chilli Quarter Pounder will be around, so probably best you sort one for lunch or something today instead of forgetting about it and/or putting it off and missing out entirely.

Now I must demand that Ronald McDonald give me one of these spicy borgers. Give me it, Ron. C’mon mate I want the chilli burger for lunch today pls.