HOLY SHIT: Macca’s Is Doing A Rare Tim Tam McFlurry Via Uber Eats For A Very Limited Time

tim tam mcflurry macca's

The time has come, my friends. We have been blessed with what’s quite possibly the best McFlurry flavour. The magnum opus of desserts from the golden arches. Macca’s has unleashed a rare Tim Tam McFlurry for a limited time. Jesus take the wheel, because I’m using my hands to scoff one of these down immediately.

Macca’s has gone and folded one of the most iconic bickies in Australia with its new McFlurry flav, taking the Tim Tam slam to daring and delicious new heights. I can’t not be all for it.

From today (November 24) the brand new Tim Tam McFlurry is up for ordering exclusively on Uber Eats for the next week, so if you wanna cop one as soon as that clock hits 10:30 and the breakfast menu ends, that’s your only way.

For those of us who prefer the age-old tradition of a Macca’s run, these crunchy and creamy pots of yum will be on sale in stores from December 1st. They’re only around for a limited time, so if you wish to cop, you gotta cop quick.

The Tim Tam McFlurry features that deliciously silky Macca’s soft serve ice cream we know and love, with swirls of milk chocolate sauce and crumbly, crunchy bits of bickie woven through. It sounds like a dream – a sweet, brain freeze-inducing dream that I can’t wait to chuck down my gullet like some kind of dessert goblin.

This is just the first of a collection of new treats and collabs from Macca’s to kick us into summer at full throttle, and if they’re starting with this all-time combo, I can’t even begin to imagine what else must be hitting us over the next couple of months.

“To celebrate the magic of summer, Macca’s is kicking off two months of exciting new menu items, delicious flavour combinations and iconic brand collaborations to help our customers enjoy great times together,” Macca’s Marketing Director Tim Kenward said.

“We’re so excited to kick-start our summer campaign by introducing one of our most iconic flavour combinations, giving Aussies a delicious dessert to enjoy with loved ones this summer.”

What’s next? Macca’s sausage sizzle? Fairy bread in McCafe? A burger with Vegemite in it? Whatever’s headed our way, my guts are rumbling and ready.