Victoria Bitter Just Rolled Out A Line Of Budgy Smugglers For Your Hard Earned Thirst Trap

Summer is coming. Can you feel it? The longer days and the vanishing nights? That thin glisten of sweat on your brow? Those dry drafts rolling through the windows, suffusing your room with restless energy?

You can? Good. That means you’re capable of experiencing Australia at its most Australian, when heat and light seems to animate every corner of the continent.

It also means you’re likely in the target market for some novelty swimwear.

Victoria Bitter has partnered with boutique bum-hugging brand Budgy Smugglers to create a new line of beer-themed togs, perfect for the beach, your next barbecue, or that awkward barefoot jog over a white-hot footpath. You know the one.

VB and Budgy Smugglers have cooked up four unique designs, in a range of styles, showcasing the beer brand’s logo in a variety of body-hugging forms.

How’s this one, a collation of Victoria Bitter logos from times of yore tastefully plastered upon your bum?

Or this arrangement, showcasing a restrained and minimalist aesthetic?

Perhaps you’re more inclined to go for this full-torso cossie situation?

In any case, the new Budgy Smuggler range seems perfect for those moments where you think to yourself, “Haha, that’s mad! But does it look good, like actual? Haha, yeah, might give it a crack.”

The classic Budgy Smuggler togs will run you $65, while the one-piece arrangements cost $100. It’s $55 for a towel, too, if you’re so inclined.

You can peep the full range here.