VB Just Unveiled An Honest-To-God Aftershave For Everyone Who Misses That Beer Garden Scent

Here’s something we can all agree on: the best thing about beer is the way it smells.

Thankfully, the folks at Carlton & United Breweries have realised Australians certainly aren’t buying piss for its taste alone.

Enter Thirst. A Scent by VB, a new fragrance designed to give folks all of the benefits of beer, without the hassle of actually drinking it.

Described as a waft of bitter citrus notes underscored by the familiar air of Australian Super Pride hops, Thirst promises the ambiance of that 5.30pm pour in aerosol form. How lovely.

Image supplied.

VB’s marketing has long pivoted on the idea that beer is a delightful liquid treat to cap off a day’s labour, but Thirst changes that.

The fragrance is aimed squarely at people like me, whose ‘real’ job consists of sitting in a dark room and pressing buttons in the correct order, and dads, who will be stinging for a usable novelty gift come Father’s Day.

Considering the bottle’s familiar stubby form and its reasonable price tag, you might be inclined to pick up a bottle from Chemist Warehouse.

Just be sure to avoid the bottle-o on the way home, as we’ve apparently moved past the need for beer itself.