KFC Has Brought Back Its Wildly Unholy Mozzarella Burger So Neglect Yr Dinner Plans Once Again

After a couple of years off the menu, KFC is bringing back that insanely rude and possibly-illegal Zinger Mozzarella just so you can really put the heel into the fact that it’s totally okay and good to eat literally whatever you want right now, no questions asked.

There’s obviously no doubt that KFC chook and cheese go together hand in hand (wing in wedge?) after those recipes of Zinger parmas and hot & spicy mac n’ cheese started going around, so bringing back the burger with the ungodly cheese slab in there is just a natural next step.

The burger itself features the classic Zinger fillet, crispy bacon, lettuce, tangy tomato sauce and mayonnaise between two buns, and then a Zinger-crusted hunk of goopy mozzarella cheese just shoved in there. Oh, baby.

Much like the last time the burgie was on menus across Australia, the Zinger Mozzarella is only going to be around until September 7, so you’ve got a bit of time between now and then to plan out how many you can have without doing yourself (and your guts) a bit of a mischief.

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The Zinger Mozzarella is in stores right now, so garn get one on takeaway or in the drive-thru. (Do it responsibly, no need to go wild here.)

A burger will set you back a very tasty $8.95, so please feel free to ignore whatever you were going to try and hobble together for dinner and just go this instead. Do you reckon they’ll let me put on double mozzy patties? I’m gonna try it – no mums, no rules, baby.