KFC Has A Cheeky Secret Menu Featuring Something Called A ‘Beese Churger’

While this isn’t exactly the fabled, almost mythical McGangbang hidden behind the Dollar Menu at the rare US Macca’s that happens to be in the know, KFC Australia is apparently getting into the secret menu business on the not-quite-so down low.

[jwplayer DT3cU4a2]

A mysterious press release landing in our inbox this morning alerted us to the presence of a hidden section of the Chookman’s fancy line-skipping app, containing a litany of Frankenstein’d food items not readily available on the regular menu.

Details in the press release were extremely vague, but after digging through a series of cryptic clues we learned that by going to the order section of the app, pulling the screen down until a cartoon Colonel appears, and dragging slowly for 11 seconds, the secret menu section unlocks, and so too does your new, chook-filled future.

On the menu? A Beese Churger.

That’s not a spelling mistake. That’s what it’s called. And it looks like this.

That is… a cheeseburger, with the bun flipped upside down. Truly incredible stuff.

Elsewhere on the menu, which is apparently available in stores as of today, is the far more innovative Kentucky Snack Pack, which you could honestly hook to my veins after half a dozen Froth Whitlams.

It doesn’t have the shredded cheese of your standard HSP, sure, but that’s still a box of KFC chippies and popcorn chicken topped with Zinger sauce, so honestly who the fuck cares. Give it to me. Give it to me now.

There’s also something called a Zinger Chipsta, which is essentially a Twister wrap with chips inside it, and a Slida Burger which is ostensibly a standard Zinger burger but with flatbread for the bun.

Additionally, KFC officials teased additional items being added to the menu in the coming weeks. We’ve seen heavily pixellated imagery of something that appears to be some sort of taco. So read into that what you will.

Until then, go get your dang Beese Churgers I guess. The world is yours.