A Guy On TikTok Is Eating 100 Zinger Boxes In 100 Days & IDK If I Love Or Hate This For Him

zinger box

Nothing quite tickles my fancy like watching people put their health on the line for the sake of entertainment. So, you can imagine my reaction when I discovered Seamus Murphy, who is eating a KFC Zinger Box for 100 days straight.

Eating anything for 100 days straight is not particularly healthy (variety is the spice of life, and all that), but a Zinger Box is usually something to reserve for a special treat.

But Seamus is having *none* of that, and is downing a whole Zinger Box (complete with a burger, regular chips, gravy and a soft drink) every day. Don’t believe him? He’s documenting every bite on TikTok at @zingerbox.sham.

If we’re talking purely calorie-wise, this isn’t *that* bad, with a Zinger Box equating to roughly half of your daily intake, which still gives him a bit to work with if he wanted a light breakfast, a snack or two and a light dinner. But that’s, uhh, a lot of zing.

To add a bit of variety to his diet, he sometimes spices up his meal with bacon or cheese, or even upgrades it to a large (as if he’s not sick of burgers by now).

Seamus has completely 46 days of the challenge so far, and surprisingly still looks like he’s enjoying every bite of that burger. But he’s not even halfway yet, so we’ll have to see how he’s feeling later on in the challenge.

If he manages to complete the challenge, Seamus will have consumed over 111,900 calories worth of Zinger Boxes, which is honestly an achievement in itself.

Obviously, for health reasons, I cannot encourage or endorse putting your body through any sort of 100-day food challenge, but you do have to admire his dedication here.

@zingerbox.shamDay 46 of 100 zinger boxes in 100 days!! ##Affirmations ##dayinmylife ##fyp ##kfc ##foryou ##zingerbox♬ original sound – Seamus Murphy

In 46 days, he has amassed over 7000 followers, who are eagerly awaiting his next meal.

@zingerbox.shamDay 29 of 100 zinger boxes in 100 days! ##HeyAngel ##WorldPeace ##kfc ##fyp ##zingerbox ##zingon ##health

♬ original sound – Seamus Murphy

I’m not suggesting you eat the new KFC slab every day for 100 days, but you do whatever you need to do to get those TikTok views, baby.