KFC Has Brought Back Its Unholy Popcorn Chicken Slab / Burger Monstrosity & Givvus Immediately

Remember late last year when KFC trialled out a wild new product at a single town in Victoria, which was literally just a six-pack of soft buns still stuck together but stuffed with popcorn chicken and other heart-stoppingly good shit? Well, you’re going to be very happy to know that The Slab back at KFC, and it’s available right across Australia this time.

After that very successful trial run in Ballarat, KFC has relaunched the Popcorn Chicken Slab right in time for outdoor picnics and watching footy finals and all that fun springtime stuff that would involve a slab of beer (or Cruisers), and it’s an ungodly concoction that looks like it was cobbled together in deep kickons areas.

Like what maniac looked at a bag of dinner rolls and was like “you know what? I reckon I can make one giant pull-apart burger here”? Because I wish to smooch them on the face and thank them for their services to the gastronomical arts.

Created with six soft buns still attached and sliced as a whole piece, The Slab is then loaded up with popcorn chicken, gooey cheese, and zingy BBQ sauce. And look, it’s meant to be shared amongst a couple of mates but I will not lie to you. I will eat this all to myself if I’m left alone in a room with the slab. I’m not sorry about that.

The Slab burger thing will set you back a tight $10.95 at your local KFC, which is a damn good deal for an immediate food coma. I wonder if you could alter it too, because I want to put gravy on there, or maybe switch the BBQ with some Zinger sauce. Imagine that, a personalised slab of carbs and chicken. Or maybe shoving a bunch of chippies and some coleslaw in there. Hell yeah.

Much like everything good and fun, the popcorn chicken slab is only around for a limited time, so you best not fartass around if you want to shove one in your gob. The turbocharged snack (that I’m sure has been blessed upon us by some fast food gods) hits menus from today, October 6, and will only be around until November 2.