Petty Binch Hungry Jack’s Is Adding A Dessert That Macca’s Deliberately Didn’t Bring To Aus

Hungry Jacks’ is introducing a new item to its dessert menu that Maccas left of its recent batch of Australian menu additions and I am simply ~living~ for this petty dessert war.

The “Biscoff Storm” is essentially the Hungry Jack’s version of the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry, a sweet treat currently available for a limited run in France, Singapore the UK and Ireland.

Notably, the McFlurry will not be making its way down under, even after Maccas announced its new winter menu this past week.

To be fair, it might have something to do with the fact that countries like the UK and France are currently in Summer.

But on the other hand, we’ve never said no to a juicy opportunity for a whinge.

The Macca’s winter menu did include a McFlurry flavour, but it was of the raspberry and custard pie variety. Rude!

Now, perhaps in an effort to cheekily hang shit on the fast food market leader, Hungry Jack’s will soon offer the Biscoff Storm from July 11 per

AND, for those who prefer their desserts in liquid form, rather than solid, a Biscoff Shake will be hitting the menu on the same date.

So in the end, we kind of all win? Except for the plumbers who will inevitably be called in to sort out the pipes after I demolish my body weight in Biscoff-flavoured goodies.

“Biscoff has taken the world by storm and Australians have been calling out for Lotus Biscoff desserts,” said the company’s marketing director Luke Pavan in a statement that definitely could’ve been written by ChatGPT.

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