The apple pie McFlurry was one of the greatest McDonalds inventions of all time – save for the holy Big Mac and equally holy Oreo McFlurry, it’s probably my favourite thing they’ve ever created. And baby, it’s back.

Yep, the decadent dessert is making an Australian return to McDonalds as of Wednesday, 10th July – but in particularly excellent news you can get your sweet little mitts on one BEFORE then via UberEats. Which is usually where I order my apple pie McFlurries anyway because I’m a drunk bitch who can’t manage a simple walk down to my local Maccas for a 3am feed.

Apple pie mcflurry

The dessert will be exclusively available via the Uber Eats app from Wednesday 3 July until Tuesday 9 July, before being made available in participating McDonald’s restaurants from Wednesday 10 July.

For the uninformed, the apple pie McFlurry is basically an unholy union of the apple pie, mixed into the Maccas ice-cream in a McFlurry cup – with a dash of caramel sauce. It’s bloody delicious and very much my food of choice after ten beers at the pub.

Image: Supplied