A Beachside Cafe In Sydney Is Charging $10.90 For A *Side* Of Avocado & I Think The Fuck Not

A cafe in Coogee has decided to pull every Sydneysider’s leg by charging $10.90 for a side of smashed avocado. No seasonings or embellishments, just a raw avocado that’s been plonked on the plate and given a little smush.

Is this daylight robbery? Because I think it might be.

Little Jack Horner is the beachside establishment that thinks it’s normal, nay, acceptable to send folks into bankruptcy for a mere side dish. You can walk into Woolworths and buy a single avocado for $1.80, making the garish green bastard that Little Jack Horner is plating up six times the price.

We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok and flat out deceived. I don’t even like avocado but I am vomiting at the fact it’s being sold for nearly $11.

Owner BJ McHatton told the Daily Telegraph costs to run Little Jack Horner had increased dramatically and he was “actively searching” for ways to ensure customers copped more bang for their buck. But we, the proles, also have to remember that the venue is all about quality!

“We are a quality product. Everything we offer is premium, from our location to our chefs. People might not see the value in that, but we are more than food on a plate,” he said.

“The purpose of our business is to create memorable experiences for our team and our guests and we are on a mission to create three million memorable experiences for our customers by 2030.”

You know what’s really memorable? Having to bring an accountant to brunch so I can afford a side plate of smashed avocado. Truly a moment for the history books.

If you’re searching for an experience that will really knock your socks off, Little Jack Horner is also offering a side of baked beans for $6.90, a single sausage for $7.90 and some bacon for $9.90. If you’re still hungry, why not splurge on a bacon and egg roll for a mere $19.90? The opportunities for fun are endless!