A Syd Cafe Is Getting Flamed On Reddit After Charging 18 Bucks For Its Takeaway Banana Bread

Cozzie livs is continuing to suck the life, enjoyment and money out of our bodies like an evil little mosquito, and now it’s impacted the bloody price of bloody banana bread. As modern-day philosopher and pop icon Gwen Stefani said: “This shit is bananas.”

In a scathing yet hilarious r/Sydney post, an anonymous Sydneysider put a cafe on blast for its eye-watering price for a takeaway banana bread slice.

“Surely $18 for a takeaway banana bread is taking the piss now,” Redditor /u/danroa123 wrote without revealing the name of the cafe.

Surely $18 for takeaway banana bread is taking the piss now
byu/danroa123 insydney

Since posting the ridiculously priced menu item, folks chucked in their two cents as well as noting their other observations with the boujee brekky menu. Like $25 for avocado toast? Fuck off.

“The entire menu can go and get fucked,” one Redditor added.

“Yeah nah, I just buy a loaf. $5.60 from Woolies. Cut it up. Freeze if you will be slow to use it up. Same with sourdough/Turkish bread and avo. A store was charging $12 for an egg sandwich the other day, like fck off,” another person wrote.

“So the whole menu is an absolute fucking ripoff. But people are obviously paying those prices, so you can’t blame the cafe owner,” wrote a third. “There are still lots of people cashed up and willing to shell out any amount for a momentary escape from reality.”

One Redditor — who claimed they knew the establishment — said that the banana bread actually came out as a “mini loaf” rather than your usual banana bread slice.

byu/danroa123 from discussion

Other Redditors suggested that the prices were through the roof due to rent, which I think is definitely a valid explanation, but it doesn’t make it right.

This isn’t the only restaurant that has been flamed for its fucked menu prices on Reddit.

In early August, a Melbourne cafe was put on blast for its $22 eggs benedict on r/shrinkflation.

$22 Eggs Benedict. 3 months ago it used to have a lot more for the same price.
byu/La_Urch inshrinkflation

An Aussie mum recently went nuclear on a Darwin play centre for charging $63.40 for a kids’ meal.

With these prices, I wish I could go back to high school when corn jacks and Chiko rolls were one buck-a-roo.