Chrissy Teigen Used Her Kids’ Toy Car To Exchange Banana Bread & Lettuce W/ A YouTuber

Chrissy Teigen has masterfully traded banana bread for romaine lettuce – from a distance – with someone she crowdsourced from Twitter. The story is rather excellent, and will most-definitely impart a bit of joy amid our current state of incessant gloom. Let’s start from the beginning.

Chrissy, always up for a challenge, posted a PSA on Twitter yesterday: “I’ll make a banana bread for anyone that has romaine lettuce. The trade will be made 6 feet apart and we will place the goods on the floor. no funny business”.

YouTuber Chris Klemens then responded with the damn goods. Chrissy agreed for the exchange to take place, but not until he sent a video confirming his legitimacy (literally me on dating apps to weed out the catfish, but that’s another story).

And it bloody began. Hoo boy.

Chrissy then changed her offering to half a loaf of banana bread and two slices of pie, given that John wanted some of the loaf. “Am I… fighting with John Legend over banana bread??” Chris responded. “Lmfao yes that is fine.”

And then it was time for the official exchange. The two parties seemingly met in the church carpark (a sexy, holy mood), with Chrissy bringing John and Chris dragging his roomie and fellow YouTuber Andrew Lowe along for the ride. John used his kids’ toy car as vehicle for the socially-conscious exchange.

Safe to say, it was a damn success.

“It was so hard not to hug you both,” Chrissy reflected. And that, my friends, is a stunning end to a heart-warming story.

God bless Chrissy Teigen. Goodnight.