Chrissy Teigen Would Like To Reiterate That She Is Not In A Secret Satanic Pedophile Ring

Chrissy Teigen versus QAnon.

You wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at or listening to him that Donald Trump is fighting a secret, high-level war against a shadowy cabal of satanic pedophiles in the upper echelons of the government and the media. The main reason that you wouldn’t be able to tell this is because it is absolutely not the case, although that certainly doesn’t stop a whole bunch of unhinged people from believing it.

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Honestly, there is far too much bullshit here to unpack comprehensively but, in brief, the QAnon conspiracy contends that the worlds of both politics and Hollywood are rife with Satanists who are trafficking children for a pedophilic sex ring, and also to harvest from them a drug that gives the ultimate high and also makes you immortal. It is a lot. You might have seen it pop up in the news recently, after The Guardian Australia reported that the husband of one of prime minister Scott Morrison’s staffers is a prominent Australian voice in the world of QAnon.

This conspiracy involves a lot of public figures, according to its adherents. While the inclusion Jeffrey Epstein, who was actually actually involved in the trafficking of minors, almost makes sense even in the absurd context of QAnon, there are others whose inclusion is based on nothing but sheer insanity and the willful misinterpretation of just about anything.

Artist Marina Abramović is at the centre of the conspiracy thanks largely to one piece of performance art she did back in 1996, and Chrissy Teigen got dragged into it because she posted a pizza emoji one time. Almost two full years later, Teigen is still dealing with some of the most deranged people on Twitter, a website famous for its broad varieties of deranged people.

She has, apparently, had enough:

According to Teigen, the conspiracy theorists have had a measurable and very negative impact on her life:

And not just on the internet:

Both ignoring it and not ignoring it seem to have had the same effect:

Pretty fucked up!

If you would like to know more about just how fucking crazy QAnon is, I would thoroughly recommend this primer from QAnon Anonymous, a podcast dedicated to digging into the depraved depths of the people who believe this shit.