Chrissy Teigen shared the devastating news today that she lost her third child with husband John Legend in a miscarriage. Unfortunately, a bunch of disrespectful conspiracy theorists in the replies section of the post have used this as another opportunity to link Teigen to Pizzagate.

In a gut-wrenching post on Twitter and Instagram, an emotional Teigen let fans know that despite the best efforts of medical staff her baby could not be saved.

However, even among the many messages of love and support, some commenters believed that Teigen deserved to lose her child because of the false Pizzagate theory, suggesting she is part of a satanic paedophile ring.

Other commenters accused her of being a baby eater. Sorry, what??? A woman has lost her baby and you think it’s appropriate to suggest she eats babies??? Disgusting.

Pizzagate is a debunked theory that arose from QAnon and far-right groups four years before the 2016 presidential election, on the baseless notion that Hilary Clinton and the Democrats were running a child sex-trafficking ring out of a Washington pizzeria.

The theory has since expanded to include many high-profile celebrities, like Teigen. The theory claims that these celebrities (typically left-leaning) belong to a global paedophilia network.

To give you an idea of how dangerous these conspiracy theorists can be, in December 2016 a vigilante gunman showed up at the alleged Washington pizza restaurant with an assault rifle and opened fire.

These Pizzagate conspiracy theorists have linked Teigen to the Epstein controversy, photoshopping images of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on ‘Epstein’s Island’ in the US Virgin Islands. However, the pair have NEVER been photographed with Epstein.

In September this year, Teigen posted a heartfelt post to Instagram admitting the emotional toll that Pizzagate took on her and her family’s lives.

“I have lived a life begging for people to like me and think I’m cool and funny and their friend, and bam, it felt like everyone fucking hated me. I couldn’t do anything right, say anything right. I couldn’t leave cute comments on my friend’s pages knowing they’d be flooded with Pizzagate insanity.”

“My own fan pages wrote me, asking if I still wanted to be talked about even though the comments would be super hurtful. And I know. It’s all so stupid. There is so much worse in the world, but man, aside from the world sucking, my little world sucked too. Making people happy is my entire life,” she said.

Truly horrifying. We love you Chrissy.