Chrissy Teigen To Those Questioning Her Baby Bump: “Get Out Of My Uterus”

Chrissy Teigen – beautiful tropical fish that she is – is learning the hard way that celebrity + pregnancy means thousands people with ~ thoughts and feelings ~ (i.e. unwanted opinions), and that if they have a Twitter account, you get to hear ’em.

Approximately one week after she and John Legend announced they were pregnant with a stupid beautiful Instagram post, Teigen posted another one of her slightly-larger-than-average baby bump:

Somebody is early to the party ??????

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Now clearly a few specimens happily misinterpreted her caption “Somebody is early to the party ,” as “Please, feel free to repeatedly inform me that my bump is too big for just one baby, and I *must* be having twins until my ears bleed.” Because that is what they did. Over and over.

It actually got to the point where she had to tell all the twin-happy twits to STFU, because she has had ultrasounds and can literally. see. the baby.



But, I guess all’s well that end’s (kinda) well?

Chrissy, you do *you*, you fabulous thing. And we’ll all just enjoy her announcement post again, okay?

*sighs happily*

Images via Instagram and Twitter.