Soz But Chrissy Teigen Hazing John Legend On Twitter Is An Art Form

When Chrissy Teigen isn’t getting her boobs to do the talking for her, she’s using her voice to call out people she hates on Twitter: trolls, news outlets, fast food chains, whoever.
The most recent focus of her wrath is Fox News, who made the mistake of tagging her in a tweet linking to an article about her response to the United Airlines leggings fiasco.
But that’s the real story here. The *real* story is hubby / A+ specimen John Legend‘s shoutout to his badass wife and her subsequent replies to him, which swung from flirty to salty spectacularly fast.
Please enjoy their exchange below:

Kinda cute, little bit romantic. But then Chrissy started live-tweeting John’s appearance on ‘The Voice’.

If this is marriage, sign us up.

Photo: Getty / Kevin Mazur.