Chrissy Teigen Poured A Gallon Of Tea About Celebrity Life In Her Latest Twitter Q&A

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Christine Diane Teigen is a godsend. She also has an uncanny sense of understanding when us common folk thirst for some tea about celebrity life.

Today, she jumped on Twitter, asking the web to tweet her questions about “being a super huge A list celebrity”. From the perks of fame to public transport and award shows, Chrissy subsequently provided a rather candid glimpse into her life as an A-lister. There’s literally hours of tweets in the Q&A, but we picked out the juicy ones (you’re so damn welcome). So please, sit back and a envision a day when you, too, will miss going to the grocery store.

[jwplayer r9SlIwU8]

First up: the tweet that started it all.

Aaaaaaand let’s dive straight into all things Tinseltown, courtesy of queen Chrissy.

From not taking public transport in 10 years, to paying for a whole other private airport terminal, Chrissy’s life sure seems otherworldly, doesn’t it? I’m also sobbing at the mental image of John making pancakes for the kids in the morning. This family can certainly do no wrong.