Chrissy Teigen Considered Faking A Nip Slip For Bored Paparazzi Outside Her House

Chrissy Teigen

In these troubled times, blessed angel Chrissy Teigen has reached out to a much-maligned group whose livelihoods have taken a hit due to the lockdown – paparazzi photographers.

Earlier this week, she and husband John Legend briefly left their LA home to deliver a box of doughnuts to the paps camped outside, and were reportedly met with confusion.

Before the stunt, Teigen took to Twitter to say she was concerned for the paps, and asked if there was anything she could do for them:

“u know who is suffering right now. the paparazzi. ain’t got no one to shoot. some outside my house right now. waiting waiting for a walk that will never happen. a nipple that will never fall out. I think…I think I will give them a nipple”

She then asked her followers to: “give me something to do to help the economy. a fake john fight? should I sob? drag my mom to the car like an animal?”

In the end, she decided to deliver baked goods, but the stunt did not go very well – she later took to Twitter again, to reveal that the paps did not take the doughnuts. Oh well.

Chrissy Teigen has been making the most of her time in isolation. She and John Legend recently hosted a wedding for a pair of their daughter’s stuffed animals, and before that they traded banana bread for a head of lettuce with a fan they met on social media.