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I’m sure you’ve already sunk hours into watching an endless loop of cooking tutorials in the vain hope that one day you’ll actually bother turning the oven on.

I’m also positive that you’ve immediately been discouraged when you’ve seen a recipe that requires you actually leaving the couch.

So, as a little boot up the bum to get you into the kitchen, I’ve compiled some of the easiest banana bread tutorials available.

Most of the videos are under five minutes to make it seem like that’s how long it actually takes to cook (I’ve gotta trick you lazy bums into being productive somehow), and they vary from super healthy, to vegan, to oven-free (for those who aren’t allowed to use the oven yet).

1. The Adult-Who’s-Still-A-Child-And-Can’t-Be-Trusted-With-An-Oven Banana Bread

Come for the tutorial, stay for that soothing hotel lobby music.

This recipe has your pretty stock-standard ingredients chucked in – overripe bananas, eggs, flour, brown sugar – but the major swerve here is that you don’t have to whack it in a big, scary oven.

You do still have to operate a hotplate though, so if you’re not a confident cook, I suggest fetching your nearest housemate/supervisor to ensure you don’t burn the kitchen down.

2. The I’m-Down-To-My-Last-Three-Ingredient Banana Bread

Besides the cook’s complete inability to cut even slices, this banana bread is incredibly convenient for anyone who’s running low on supplies.

All you need is spotty phallic-shaped fruit, self-raising flour and something else I missed. Easy as.

Head’s up: you might want to turn the audio off around the 32-second mark. That squelching sound has made me clench in areas I never knew possible.

3. The Healthy-So-I-Won’t-Be-Judged-By-The-Exercise-Gods Banana Bread

Take your run-of-the-mill banana bread, switch out the grotsky with the notsky and you’ve got a healthy treat that won’t make you feel lethargic afterwards. That’s perfect if you’re thinking of going for a jaunty little run around the block afterwards, right? Any takers?

If anyone knows how to make a decent (healthy) banana bread, it’s ol’ mate Tim Robards.

4. The Vegan-But-Not-Hella-Bland Banana Bread

Everyone zip it, Olivia says that her vegan banana bread recipe makes for good breakfast food, so we’re all allowed to eat banana bread in the morning now. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them as the self-appointed spokesman for Olivia.

As someone who admires the vegan diet but has nary an ounce of self-control that would lead me down that path, this recipe looks legit and it’s the first on this list to include chocolate chips so that’s a fun little treat, I suppose.

5. The I’m-Single-And-Always-Will-Be Banana Bread

Before you get all defensive, might I remind you that it’s you who assumed being single was a negative thing. I’m still dreading the day I have to spend my precious alone time with someone who I essentially have to spend the rest of my life entertaining even when I just want to sit in my cupboard sucking the dregs of tea straight from the teabags.

I digress: this handy single-serve banana bread can be prepped in a mug and chucked in the micro. Zap it for a coupla minutes and you’ve got yourself the saddest little banana bread you ever did see. Sad in a happy way, of course.

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Image: Reddit / u/Encyclopedia_Ham