We May Have Passed Peak Avocado Prices So The Housing Crisis Is Finally Over

Avocados have transcended their delicious, bulbous forms to become something of a talisman in Australian culture: a sign of everyday decadence, shorthand for the economic imbalances that tilt our lives.

But avocado growers have indicated that at long last, we may be able to move past the avocado as a symbol and return to it just being a tasty green friend, because local supply is finally meeting up with demand.

Speaking to the ABC, bigtime avo farmer Russell Delroy reckoned that growers have ramped up production of the expensive fruit to adequately meet the demands of Australian consumers, meaning prices will eventually drop across the board.

Delroy said that on average, farmers have been charging 35% less per tray of avocados than they were last year. If that trend continues – and if unpredictable seasonal factors leave farmland alone for while – we may have already seen peak avocado prices in stores.

Yes, avocados will probably spike a little in price over the summer months, as our furious demand for poolside guacamole will challenge the tail end of the growing season, but Delroy thinks prices will definitely trend downwards.

That’s a relief in more ways than one. Maybe we will finally be able to unchain the noble green boys from their link in the public imagination to inequality in the housing market, once and for all.