A Lush Sydney Restaurant Is Getting Roasted For Fanging 2 Jatz Crackers With Anchovies For $10

jatz kiln surry hills

A bougie Aussie restaurant is getting dragged online for fanging two (2) Jatz crackers with some butter and a single anchovy for $10. We’ve hit the apex of fine dining friends, pack it up before they start giving us $22 Maltesers for dessert.

Reddit user u/aussie_trekker shared the pic to the r/Sydney Reddit page after a visit to chef Mitch Orr‘s restaurant Kiln in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

According to u/aussie_trekker, the restaurant recommended the Jatz dish to them, which encouraged them to bite the bullet and pay up $10. That’s like ten $1 cheeseburgers, my guy.

“I questioned the waitress and said I have Jatz at home. She informed me it definitely was great and worth it,” they wrote.

Is this peak sydney? $10
by u/aussie_trekker in sydney

Immediately the comment section began dragging the dish for being the ultimate representation of elite chefs taking the piss.

“Wow, they really used Jatz lmao. BRB, about to open a fine dining restaurant,” read one comment.

“To steal a quote from the film The Menu, we have reached the base camp of Mount Bullshit. This is insane,” read another.

Some folks took the time to let everyone know that this isn’t the first restaurant Mitch Orr has pulled some Jatz fuckery at. Apparently, it’s his thing.

“The chef Mitch Orr has spoken about this before,” one user wrote.

“Something along the lines of Australiana nostalgia and pairing top-quality ingredients with childhood favourites.

“I mean it’s a wank, but probably tastes delicious.

“Remember you’re not paying $10 just for a dish. The new Kiln space is one of the nicest restaurant setups in Sydney. It’s the atmosphere and staff you’re really paying for. Want a cheap meal it’s obviously not the place for it.”

I mean if I went to a fancy establishment in Surry Hills I wouldn’t expect cheap eats but I definitely wouldn’t want someone to hand me a slice of white bread with vegemite smeared on it because of “Australiana nostalgia”. My nonna would literally set fire to the place if that happened to her.

Chef Orr has indeed explained why he does this dish at all of his restaurants, but I’m still not buying it.

“It’s become a touch point and a bit of a giggle,” Orr told Good Food in an interview last year.

“It’s a play on the high-low, which is something I love to bring into my cooking.

“The version at Kiln [is topped with] a butter that’s smoked using the wood from the grill, and is topped with a baller Olasagasti anchovy.”

The wankiness doesn’t stop there, however.

Orr has even revealed his secret recipe for the Jatz cracker dish on Delicious, in case you wanted to make it for your cat for dinner.