Folks, the word “gamechanger” gets thrown around willy nilly these days, but seldom is it more appropriate than now: Arnott’s, the forever biscuit king, is taking a swathe of its iconic range and turning them into a range of fully-fledged, no fooling chocolate bars. Try to control your breathing, and we’ll continue.

Arnott’s officials announced this afternoon that the new line of – and we cannot repeat this enough – actual chocolate bars, will take familiar flavours of your favourite bikkies and encase them in wonderful choc.

The new line will see Iced VoVoScotch FingerWagon WheelGinger Nut, and even bloody Jatz make the leap to the confectionary aisle in both bar and block form. No, we are absolutely not kidding.

Rather than just being chocolate-covered biscuits (which, honestly, would’ve kicked ass), the bars and blocks will feature pieces of biscuit scattered throughout the chocolate in their various salty, sweet, delicious flavour variations.

Again, we simply have to stress, these are real. We’ve got photos of them. You can cop a geez at them right bloody now.

If this ain’t a truly blessed day then lord knows what is.

The new line of standalone chocolates marks a big shift in production for Arnott’s, who are producing the bars by themselves without a partnership from any other established confectioner.

Pauline Mercer, Arnott’s marketing manager, extolled the virtues of the new snacks in a press statement accompanying today’s announcement.

We’ve selected a range of flavours that we know Aussies are sure to love. We are sure there will be plenty of debate about favourite flavours – especially with those Ginger Nut lovers out there.

The honestly red hot-lookin’ treats will be available from Coles, independent retailers, and major petrol and convenience stores from next week onwards.

What a time to be alive.

Image: Supplied