Macca’s Is Taking A Leaf Out Of The Stoner’s Cookbook With New McFlurry

Ah, the blazer’s delight. The iconic off-the-menu, do-it-yourself dessert that you get at Macca’s at 1am when you’ve got munchies so strong that you could put some hot sauce on wet cardboard and it’d taste like something that would win you Masterchef with 10s across the board.

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Of course, I’m talking about the culinary wonderland that is buying both a caramel sundae and a hot apple pie from McDonald’s and stuffing the apple pie into the sundae. A perfect crunchy, gooey, silky, piping-hot-and-utterly-freezing treat that has the ability to both confuse and entertain your taste buds and understanding of food temperature. It’s a god damn party in your mouth and everyone’s invited.

After noticing that a bunch of us – literally like one in four – tend to order a sundae when getting an apple pie delivered through UberEats, Maccas has decided to take the whole messy part of constructing the secret menu dessert and put the damn apple pie IN the ice cream for you. All you gotta do is find your way to the door (a hard task if you’ve been up to extra-curricular activities/”eating a sandwich”) and put the thing in your gob.

The Apple Pie McFlurry is the latest menu item that well, actually sounds really fucking good. It’s available exclusively on UberEats until September 4, and then Aussies can order them in stores if human interaction when you’re craving this very specific ice cream concoction is your thing.

Jesus fucking Christ I need this in my life right now. (Image: Supplied)

Finally, a big brand is listening to the cries of the people. Put the apple pie in the sundae and then put it in my face.

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