RecipeTin Eats’ Nagi Maehashi Threw Shade At Jamie Oliver Over How To Cook Rice & It Was So Wholesome

Jamie Oliver RecipeTin Eats

RecipeTin Eats founder Nagi Maehashi (our undisputed favourite celebrity chef) has come out swinging against Jamie Oliver over his rice cooking methods. I won’t lie, this might just be the most wholesome celebrity beef we’ve ever reported on.

In an interview with 9Honey, the culinary queen who began her story in Sydney but quickly garnered worldwide acclaim called Oliver on his rice-to-water ratio.

“Jamie Oliver, you should be ashamed! Wrong rice to water ratio. It’s one cup of rice to 1.5 cups of water, full stop, end of story,” she told the publication.

“If I see someone else doing one cup of rice to two cups of water again — it’s like mushy rice central.”

As someone who almost exclusively uses microwave rice (don’t @ me, I’m fragile), this might just be the guidance I need to begin my journey of rice cooking competency.

But also, why is something with two ingredients so difficult to nail? Maybe it’s an innate skill.

Maehashi continues her delightful rampage by accusing Oliver of needlessly washing his rice before cooking it.

“Do you need to wash your rice to get fluffy rice? The answer is no. You just need to get the water-to-rice ratio right,” she told 9Honey.

“If you wash your rice, you need to actually reduce the amount of water that you cook your rice in because the rice gets waterlogged with the excess water from washing it.”

So the general rule I’m getting here is less water = good.

This is exactly the sort of unsophisticated food advice my small brain so desperately needs.

If you’ve never had the chance, nay, the privilege, to enjoy any RecipeTin Eats content, we highly suggest you start today.

If you have no clue about Maehashi and her iconic work, here’s a quick TLDR.

Maehashi was a corporate finance girl who switched careers on a whim and launched what is now one of the most popular recipe sites in the world, reaching more than 15 million people every week.

The site launched in 2014, and every year a new batch of people discover the unabashed joy of RecipeTin Eats.

You can read our full interview with Maehashi here.