Australia’s Best Pie For 2023 Has Just Been Announced & I’m Dying To Stuff My Face In That Crust

The Baking Association of Australia (BAA) has announced the winner of Australia’s Best Pie for 2023, and let’s just say I’m booking a flight to get a slice of this delight.

I’m sure I speak for most Aussies when I say we froth over a good pie. Whether it’s meat, vegetarian, savoury or sweet, pies are one of the best meals you could ever have. Something about them just makes you feel warm and giddy inside, like your grandma’s blanket or something like that.

Earlier this week, the BAA held its annual Australia’s Best Pie and Pastie Competition, and the winner of this year’s Australia’s Best Pie is Country Cob Bakery’s Fish Amok pie.

Amongst 340 bakeries across Australia, the Cambodian-flavoured pie came out on top!

For those who are curious, the bakery posted a description of the winning pie on their official IG, alongside a gorgeous photo of the delectable meal.

My mouth is watering as I write… (Source: Instagram / @countrycobbakery)

“Fish amok or Amok Trei (អាម៉ុកត្រី) is a Khmer steamed fish curry with a mousse-like consistency, considered one of Cambodia’s national dishes,” the IG post said.

“The dish is usually served hot in either banana leaf or coconut shells eaten with steam rice. You still can find this popular & delicious dish in many restaurants in Cambodia nowadays.”

I mean, look at that cross-section! I have never had a fish pie before, but I’d definitely stuff my face in that crust.

The Fish Amok pie wasn’t the only winner for the Victorian-based bakery.

Country Cob Bakery shared that it also won three other categories in the comp, including the Best Flavour Beef Pie category, Best Mushroom Pie category and Best Seafood Pie category.

Chan Khun & Ryan Khun from Country Cob Bakery (Source: Instagram / @countrycobbakery)

According to the official Country Cob Bakery website, it has previously won Australia’s Best Pie Maker three years in a row.

“We have so far won more than 350 medals and trophies for our pies and pastry, on top of that, we had [sic] won the title of Australia’s Best Pie Maker three years in a row by the Baking Association of Australia in 2018, 2019 & 2020, making us the first reining champions in the history of the Australia’s Best Pie Competition,” the website reads.

The Country Cob Bakery only has three locations in Victoria (Kyneton, Boronia and Springvale), but customers from Sydney and Canberra can buy pies online if they’re yearning for a slice.

(Source: Instagram / @CountryCobBakery)

I’m not a food critic, food blogger or writer, but I am a ‘yuge food enthusiast. So, if the BAA is reading this… Please let me be one of the taste testers for next year’s comp.