Australia’s Best Meat Pie Was Crowned For 2021 & Brb Googling ‘Does AusPost Ship Pastries’

australia best pie 2021 pinjarra bakery

Great news — the best meat pie in Australia has been declared for another year. Bad news — it’s in Western Australia and not in my tum.

The annual stoush for the #1 meat pie in the whole of a country that fucken loves a bit of dogs eye and dead horse has happened once again, and a bakery over in Pinjarra has snatched that meaty crown. All well and good for you Perthonalities over there, but, excuse me, how am I meant to wrap my gob around this celebrated pastry snack?

Pinjarra Bakery took out the title for Best Plain Pie for its Chunky Pie at the Great Aussie Pie Comp this year (not to be confused with the Baking Association of Australia’s annual pie competition), with another WA entry nipping at its heels.

After taking home the gold medals for both their Mince and Chunky Mince pies in the Plain Pie category on Day 2 of the competition, the Pinjarra pie slingers nabbed the big trophy for their flaky excellence.

If you’re making the pilgrimage for the celebrated pie, you’ll be stoked to know the bakery also took out gold medals for their Chicken Leek & White Wine in the Apprentice category, and a golden sweep in various gourmet categories for their Potato Chickpea & Spinach, Tuscan Chicken, Osso Bucco, Butter Chicken, BBQ Beef Brisket & Campfire Beans, Lasagna & Seafood and Bombay Curry with Spiced Potato pies.

Very much sounds like you’re in for a bloody delish time if you head west for a feed.

It’s also come to my attention that the Great Aussie Pie Competition has a mascot (!!) whose his name is Petey Pie (!!!) and is only marginally deeply cursed (???).

Petey Pie. Best job in the country, that.

The competition dished up a bunch of other major winners this year, with my beloved Country Cobb Bakery taking out the gong for Gourmet Slow Cooked BBQ Pie for their mouthwatering BBQ Beef Brisket & Mac Cheese dish.

And for those of us who like a bit of a rogue entry, Paradise Bakehouse in Moore Park Beach QLD won the big award in the Gourmet Game Pie category for their Red Curry Crocodile pie.

Would I try it? Absolutely.