The Service NSW App Has *Finally* Been Updated So You Don’t Have To Log In Every Damn Time

Service NSW

Scanning QR codes whenever you enter a venue is now a fact of life in NSW. And while it seems like the least we could do in the scheme of things, there are times when the Service NSW app can be infuriating for making you log in every fucking time.

Depending on your phone, your options are either typing in your password, scanning your fingerprint or scanning your face – the latter option being a particular pain in the ass when you’re wearing a face mask.

Now the Service NSW app has been updated so that you can stay logged in for up to four hours at a time.

“This change to default log out was promised tomorrow. But it’s ready now when you update your Service NSW app,” NSW Digital and Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello wrote on Linkedin on Thursday night.

For most phones, you won’t even have to update the app manually. Next time you open the Service NSW app you’ll be given the option to stay signed in for periods ranging from five or ten minutes at a time, all the way up to two or four hours at a time.

But there’s a catch: you have to keep the app open in the background to stay logged in. No swiping the app away on the multitasking screen.

It’s still not exactly clear why they felt the need to put the QR code feature behind password protection. Sure, it makes sense for other parts of the Service NSW app, but in this case it’s just a hinderance for checking in and being dutiful, COVIDsafe citizens.

InnovationAus reports that there are other updates in the works, too, including making your vaccine certificate available in the app.

The idea is that when Sydney finally opens up again, we don’t want to be whipping out a bunch of different apps to check into venues and prove we’re fully vaxxed.