Are you one of those irredeemable crims who are hellbent on destroying the very foundations of civil society by scanning Granny Smith apples as Pink Lady apples at the supermarket self-checkout? Do you think it’s funny to scan through an entire $70 grocery run as a single grape?

Well, the NSW Police are onto you, hombre. You’re toast. They did a 17-minute-long, rambling press conference via Facebook Live in which they reiterated that shoplifting with the self-checkout machines is a crime and you will be caught – and might cop five years in the slammer for it.

Excellent points for the cop sternly saying that “even if it’s an avocado for $2 it’s still shoplifting” as he laser-eyes the camera. Even if, like this commenter, you have cataracts and can’t tell avocados from apples. We feel you, buddy.

The comments on the post are – surprisingly – not particularly positive. The general vibe from the punters is this: if supermarkets aren’t keen on people nicking stuff, then maybe they should have replaced checkout staff with machines in the first place. And maybe the police shouldn’t be expending taxpayer funds playing security guard.

Also, extremely important tips:

There ya go. The NSW Police are absolutely on the ball with the real and true crimes currently occurring on a vast scale across the state. So watch out, ya crims.

Source & Photo: Facebook / NSW Police.