The NSW Government Is Telling People To Stop Scalping Their Free Restaurant Vouchers, Please

Well, well, well, it was only a matter of time. A couple of crafty folks in NSW appear to be flogging their state government-issued Dine & Discover vouchers for cold, hard cash online.

Dine & Discoverer NSW vouchers allow people across the state to go out to restaurants and recreational venues. Each adult gets two $25 vouchers for use at restaurants and cafés, and another two $25 vouchers for use at places like museums, art galleries, gigs and even the zoo.

Sounds like a fun way to revive the economy, right? Wrong! Some people are seeing it as an opportunity to make a quick buck instead of enjoying a succulent Chinese meal, or whatever.

People Selling Dine & Discover Vouchers
by u/moomooland in sydney

It’s not just happening in the privacy of Facebook groups, either.

The Dine & Discover scalpers have even taken to eBay where you can actually undercut the ‘Buy It Now’ price if you’re feeling particularly thrifty.

Dine & Discover NSW vouchers are being resold on eBay and Facebook.

To get the vouchers you’re entitled to, all you need to to is confirm your address using the Service NSW app.

While the four vouchers sit in your phone, they’re QR code-based which means that you can screenshot them (and technically send that screenshot to someone else, if you’re so inclined) and they’ll still work normally. There’s also an option to print out hard copies of the vouchers at Service NSW centres.

However, forking out $80 for $100 worth of vouchers seems pretty risky, considering the fact it’s a flagrant breach of the terms and conditions.

“Dine & Discover NSW vouchers are non-transferrable and cannot be transferred to or used by persons other than the customer to whom they were issued. They cannot be traded with other people for cash,” a service NSW spokesperson told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Using vouchers in this way is against the program’s terms and conditions. Security measures are in place to prevent fraudulent use of vouchers and customers may find the vouchers are cancelled or don’t work if they are used contrary to the terms and conditions.”

The spokesperson, however, did not elaborate as to what those security features are.

So look, while the Dine & Discover NSW vouchers might just present themselves as an opportunity to make a quick buck, it’s risky and probably not really worth it anyway.

It’s a safer bet to treat yourself to a feast instead.