NSW Has Digital Driver’s Licences As Of Today, But They Won’t Work With A Cracked Screen

Almost five years after it was first proposed, and after several years of trials runs in key locations, NSW citizens will finally be able to use a digital driver’s licence.

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Overnight, the Services NSW app updated to allow people to add their driver’s licence to their phone, which is expected to be accepted everywhere you might need to flash some ID: the bar, the bottle shop, and the cop who just pulled you over (more on that in a minute).

But there’s a catch, and one with implications for those of us with major chaotic phone energy: cracked screens might not fly.

“Show your licence clearly, as damaged screens may not be accepted,” the Service NSW app warns.

There’s also the issue of when you can use it for a roadside RBT. Although NSW Police said they will accept digital licences, it’s still an offence to use your phone while driving or riding a motorbike, so wait until a police officer asks for your licence before whipping out your phone (and obviously make sure your engine is off).

The move to digital licences, which comes after trials were run in Dubbo, Albury and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, may take some getting used to, with the advice being to hold on to your physical licence in the first few weeks just in case.

The system was struggling this morning with overload, but if you want a digital licence, get started here.