Nobody Slayed The Emmys Red Carpet Harder Than The White Lotus Cast

The 75th Prime Time Emmy Awards are back — and so is the red carpet, which will all know is the real star.

After a short delay, the 2023 Emmys are on! Originally scheduled for September 2023, the SAG-AFTRA strike pushed things back by a few months, which is why they’re happening on this side of awards season. (Not long till the Oscars now…!)

Succession, The White Lotus, The Bear and BEEF all cleaned up in the nominations category, so yes, there were a few red carpet reunions.

And while there were some unbelievable looks, The White Lotus cast might have brought the house down. Our fave? Simona Tabasco in a structural floral Marni gown that gave us drama (and took us straight back to Sicily).

We’ll be live blogging the best red carpet looks, but if you want to watch the Emmys from Australia, you can do so from Binge.

The Best Emmys Red Carpet Looks For 2024

Ellen Pompeo & Kathryn Hahn

Ellen Pompeo and Kathryn Hahn both wore a version of “white shirt, black tie, and black full length skirt”, so they’re going in this thing together. I love both! Ellen’s is chic and sleek, and I would 1000% wear to a bougie Sydney event. Kathryn’s is classic Dior: all romance, baby.

Meghann Fahy

Wowza! Va-va-Voom! Meghann Fahy did not come to play!!!! She’s serving Hollywood glamour in this gown and it’s only fitting for the Emmys. This is how you do it, people, take notes!!!

Jeremy Allen White

Image: Getty

Jeremy Allen White is really living up to his name in this suit… I’ll see myself out. Just kidding!!!! We’re in this together!

Anyway, he looks incredible in what I assume to be Calvin Klein suiting. Yes, his Calvin Klein ad is still playing on repeat in my head. If Jeremy doesn’t win an award for The Bear tonight (which I think is unlikely) he can rest assured that he has already won something else — my heart.

Pedro & Lux Pascal

Image: Getty

Pedro still hasn’t explained why his arm is in a sling (he “fell” is all we’ve got), but I choose to believe it’s the weight of fending off the entire planet screaming DADDY at him for eight months straight. Anyway, he brought his sister, Lux Pascal, to the Emmys, who is a smoke show in and off herself. Adore them both, sibling dressing is the new black.

Natasha Lyonne

Image: Getty

I did not expect Natasha Lyonne to pop off so hard this award season. At the Golden Globes, she looked like a gorgeous The Jetsons-inspired statue. At the Emmys, she’s giving sexy futurist metals. Paired with her iconic red hair, I can’t get enough of this look.

Also, I really just want to touch the material.

Alex Borstein

Image: Getty

Alex Borstein is making the list purely so I can say “Olé!”

I’ll be honest in saying that I dislike this immensely. From the cutouts, the lace and the frilly shoulders, it feels like something I would’ve seen on stage dancing the Argentine tango — not at a luxe award show like the Emmys. However, Alex is an icon who appeared in The Lizzie Maguire Movie, so she gets a pass.

Elizabeth Debecki

Image: Getty

Every time I see Elizabeth Debecki I remember what a good actress she is, because her vibe is nothing like Princess Diana, and yet she became her in The Crown.

This is a perfect look in every way except for one: it doesn’t feel dramatic ENOUGH for the Emmys, where she has a very real chance of walking away with an award. I’d wear this to, say, a black tie wedding. But ho hum, she looks gorge.

Donald Glover

Image: Getty

Donald Glover was doing exciting men’s red carpet looks right before most of the rest of them caught on. Do I think he’s nailed it here? Not really — the tailoring seems odd and the lapel doesn’t match the vibe of the embroidered flowers (which are in and of themselves a vibe). But it’s so fun, I’m keeping it in. Donald Glover is saying awards up top, fairy garden down low.

Bella Ramsay

Image: Getty

This award season has seen Bella Ramsay do something that no other celebrity can do. Give us absolutely nothing whilst looking great in impeccable tailoring. Oh, actually, on second thoughts, I just described 90% of men who pose for shots on the red carpet.

Seriously speaking, this is my favourite suiting moment from Bella to date. I love adore how they’ve paired the deep green suit with not just as hint of red, but purple too. Slay.

Jessica Chastain

Image: Getty

Okay, hear me out: this isn’t one of Jessica Chastain’s BEST ever looks, but the woman has been to enough awards shows and dressed in sculptural, knock-your-breath-out gowns that I love she went with something a bit fun and zany for the Emmys.

The colour reminds me of animated cartoons that describe themselves as being “on acid”, but it’s working with her hair and colouring. The fringing at the bottom gives it depth and stops her from becoming today’s accidental green screen meme. You know what? She’s giving Matrix.

Sarah Snook

Image: Getty

The phrase “MOTHER” was invented for Sarah Snook, and I will hear nothing else!!! She’s doing the red trend thing to perfection, and the draping of this gown is exquisite. Full marks. Also, she’s convincing me that maybe it’s time to experiment with a side part again?? Her power.

Suki Waterhouse

Image: Getty

Okay, okay, I know what I said about Sarah Snook being our MOTHER. However, Suki Waterhouse is literally serving MOTHER with this iconic pregnancy-extenuating red gown. From the bow to the full skirt and backless detail, I am obsessed with Suki and this look.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega looks like a literal princess here. The pale colours and structured full skirt feel somehow both age-appropriate (Jenna is 21) and grown up. Do I semi wish she had gone meta with her outfit and done a high fashion tribute to ultimate goth queen Wednesday Addams? Yes. But respect for choosing to do the complete opposite of that, too.

Aubrey Plaza

Image: Getty

Every bisexual’s fantasy Aubrey Plaza always looks gorgeous. That’s just a fact. But I have no idea what’s going on here.

At first, I thought this soft yellow satin look reminded me of the whipped butter squares you get a Maccas but then I noticed the fucking giant needle going through the top of the gown.

Perhaps she is paying homage to the creators of the gown who possibly spent hours slaving over it? Who knows?

Selena Gomez

Image: Getty

At these events, you gotta keep an eye out for Selena. I love how different this dress is from her bright red, Marilyn Monroe-inspired Golden Globes dress. She’s gone to the complete other end of the spectrum with a sheer, body-hugging, sequinned gown and it is gorgeous.

Abby Elliot

Image: Getty

The Bear‘s Abby Elliot is looking sweet as sugar in this gorgeous gown. It’s timeless meets pointy and fun. I like it.

Simona Tabasco

Image: Getty

I’m calling it — Simona Tabasco is my frontrunner for the best look at the Emmys so far. The White Lotus star’s floral dress takes me back to my primary school days when the only worry I had was finding the prettiest pictures for my scrapbook collage project. These days the only collages I do are vision boards that feature the phrase “I am anxiety-free”. One day, one day.

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker

Image: Getty

As Kourtney Kardashian‘s show The Kardashians wasn’t up for an Emmy, I was surprised to see these two attending — until someone told me Travis was performing. Everything makes sense again!

Anyway, this is a classic modern Kravis look. All black, smokey eye, edgy. Good stuff baby mama!

Jennifer Coolidge

Image: Getty

Our favourite wealthy aunt Jennifer Coolidge is giving old Hollywood luxe in this ensemble. It looks flouncy and expensive — just like her iconic character in The White Lotus.

Ariana De Bose

Image: Getty

Ariana De Bose did the thing! And by thing I mean SERVE. She’s mixing corporate cool girl with award show black tie and somehow it works. If you see me wearing a bedazzled blazer, this is what I’m going for. I don’t have the same budget as our triple-threat queen so keep that in mind, okay?

Ali Wong

Image: Getty

Beef‘s Ali Wong certainly takes risks on the award show circuit. At first glance, I thought this bright lil’ number was a great call. The more I looked, the less I liked it because I felt like the mesh neckline made it look like it didn’t fit her too well. Regardless, Ali Wong finds herself on this list because I appreciate how she’s showing us range this season.

Ayo Edebiri

Image: Getty

Ireland’s princess Ayo Edebiri has not missed once this awards season. The Bear actor has been turning looks left, right and centre. Slaying so hard must be exhausting. This dress is giving sweet, beginner dominatrix — especially with her sweet pea pose.

Juxtaposition? Sure!

Katherine Heigl

Image: Getty

Following the Golden Globes, red seems to be the colour of the Emmys. Here, Katherine Heigl is looking like an absolute statuesque snack in this crispy red gown.

Camilla Marrone

Image: Getty

Daisy Jones & The Six star Camilla Morrone is following suit and boy, she is made for this dress. It’s simple, and elegant and her styling is stunning. A+, no notes.

Quinta Brunson

Image: Getty

Abbott Elementary‘s golden gal Quinta Brunson looks so cute!!! I wanna scream!!! My only critique is that when I look at the fit, I can hear my mother say “oh, she should’ve steamed this one. Maybe she was in a rush?”

Beatrice Grannò

Image: Getty

The White Lotus’ Beatrice Grannò looks like a dream in this glittering number. I’m obsessed with the shape and the pops of red. I also feel like you can really tell she’s feeling her oats in this look, making it 100x better.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Image: Getty

I love that authors are in their rockstar era. Taylor Jenkins Reid — who wrote the book Daisy Jones and The Six, and then produced the series — looks amazing in this emerald skirt. It’s giving Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, one of her other majorly best-selling books. (Go on, Ev, use the awards to cast Seven Husbands already.)

Matty Matheson

Photo: Getty

The Bear‘s sweetest star Matty Matheson makes the cut on this list purely for making the sartorial crime look chic and sexy. Yes, yes, I’m talking about his socks and sandals combo. Long live the fashion king!

Laverne Cox

Photo: Getty.

Laverne Cox in vintage Theirry Mugler is a goddess (and we love a vintage sourcing queen).

Joy Sunday

Photo: Getty.

Excuse me!!! The Emmys is Wednesday actor Joy Sunday‘s first ever red carpet appearance, and on the basis of this look alone, I say invite her to every single award show ever. Don’t care if she’s not nominated. Is a handbag opening? Does it have a red carpet? Great, get Joy on it.

Adam DiMarco

Photo: Getty.

Sweet Adam DiMarco is one of the few White Lotus stars not nominated for an Emmy today, which is a shame because this look is doing it for me. Double breast Valentino suit, no tie, paired with a mullet… adore.