Nic Naitanui Spent NYE With Drake & Kendall Jenner And We Have Questions

Here it is, folks. The most head-scratching celebrity yarn of the week: Nic Naitanui, extremely large AFL man and jewel in the West Coast Eagles‘ crown, apparently spent New Year’s Eve bumping shoulders, chilling, and generally hanging out with – get this – DrakeKendall Jenner, and LeBron James.

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It’s not random scuttlebutt either. That claim came straight from the horse’s mouth, thanks in large part to TMZ Sports and an Australian cameraman who happens to be a complete and utter Eagles nuffy.

Just… stay with us on this one.

AFL players are currently on break thanks to a mandatory three-week shutdown over the Christmas period. Naitanui, it turns out, is spending a fair chunk of his break in Los Angeles, where in between bumping into mega-celebrities he’s been continuing his ACL injury rehab at UCLA.

Aforementioned cameraman, a very excitable bloke permanently stitched into an admittedly kickass Eagles 1992 Premiership shirt, caught up with Nic Nat on Santa Monica beach apparently at complete random.

During the short interview, Naitanui let slip that he met fellow Australian tall person Ben Simmons, and through that connection he wound up spending New Year’s casually hanging out with a Kardashian family member and Canada’s most prominent former Degrassi cast member.

What the fuck is going on. What the fuck is going on here.

Weirdly enough, the nuffyism intensified earlier today in the form of another version of that video; one featuring the ubiquitous TMZ-style “talk about a story in the newsroom while shitting openly on colleagues” narration.

How’s the look of utter, profound bewilderment on the faces of literally everyone else there. Truly magical stuff.

AFL stardom: The biggest fish in a very, very small pond.