The Actual Natalie Portman Is Casually At An AFL Team’s Pre-Season Training

On the long, long list of things we expected to possibly read today, “Academy Award-winning actor Natalie Portman is at a Melbourne Football Club‘s pre-season training session” is like… not even in the top 10,000. “Tony Abbott admits to being several stale Yorkshire Puddings taped together” is in there. But Padmé Amidala is watching Max Gawn run laps” sure as shit isn’t.

But believe it or not, Natalie Portman, the Natalie Portman, is casually hanging out at Gosch’s Paddock in Melbourne today, watching on while the Demons get put through their paces in a pre-season training session.

More to that, Portman casually wandered about the session decked out in a Melbourne AFLW jumper, looking on as the boys on the park went about their business. As did her tiny child, who was quickly tossed a blue and red jumper by club officials.

Reportedly, per, Portman is in Melbourne with her family to celebrate the wedding of a friend, and attended today’s training session at the behest of another local pal who happens to be an absolutely mad Demons supporter.

Keeping a low profile, despite the fact the club made her a jumper with her dang surname on it, Portman spent time at Gosch’s Paddock chatting with club officials, including senior coach Simon Goodwin.

In terms of celebrities inexplicably sporting footy gear, it’s not quite Diplo performing on-stage in a Tigers jersey or Shaquille O’Neal shouting out then-Fremantle Docker Hayden Crozier on an NBA halftime broadcast. But it’s pretty up there.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Portman is in Australia as a guest of the Federal and Victorian tourism boards, and is set to attend the National Gallery of Victoria‘s prestigious annual gala on Saturday night.

So there you have it. Natalie Portman at Demons training? Mystery solved.

Footy. How about it.