Natalie Portman Is A Street Fighter?

Don’t be fooled by the puppy dog eyes, diminutive frame or Harvard Psychology degree. Natalie Portman is tough. Her breakout role was as a pre-teen assassin for god’s sake and how about that time she shaved her head and started a revolution? Also she’s been known to break chairs on journalists and tell people to “suck her dick” so…

We doubt she has a dick more than we doubt the existence of Martian Unicorns but for fans of tough-Portman her latest role in Spencer Susser’s “Hesher” finds the 28 year old actress scrappin’ in the street. In an interview with Sundance’s “Meet The Artist” series “Hesher” Writer/Director Spencer Susser describes the plot of his feature film debut as “a 13 year old boy and his Father dealing with a tragic loss and this kind of crazy anarchist who helps him do it.”

That anarchist would be Joseph Gordon Levitt who plays the title role – a glue sniffing pyromaniac with metal hair.

Check out the Susser interview (and a few stills) below. If you’re not a fan of talking heads skip to 1:20 for Portman fisticuffs and Gordon-Levitt nihilism.

Via Slash Film