Conor McGregor is a lot of things, not many of them good, but his tiny baby son Conor Jr is as pure as the driven snow.

The younger McGregor is barely 18 months old, but already his old man has him treading boards in the gym and throwing hands with the best of them.

In an Instagram post a few hours ago, Conor McGregor Senior showed off three generations of his family, all going at it on punching bags, with the tiniest one of the three throwing some absolute bombs.

Incredible. 18-months-old and probably has a better stand-up game than his Dad already. Probably a stronger jaw too TBH.

It’s absolutely worth noting that while Conor McGregor the elder awaits sentencing from the Nevada State Athletic Commission over his role in the Khabib debacle at UFC 229 in August – one old mate definitely had a major role in stirring up by lobbing repeated racially-tinged verbal insults at Khabib’s camp throughout the buildup to the fight (and also that one fun thing where he through a bin through the window of a bus that Khabib’s camp was riding) – the childe remains unassailably cute.

Here’s Conor McGregor’s Tiny Baby Son Throwing Hands Just Like His Old Man
Image: Getty / Stephen McCarthy

The toughest baby in the game. Absolutely no doubt about it.