Conor McGregor’s First Presser Since Trying To Murder A Bus Was Batshit Nuts

Welp, Conor McGregor is definitely back in the UFC. No doubt about it.

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The Irish phenom attended his first official UFC fight press conference since he attempted to impale a bus window with a large bin, ahead of his planned Lightweight Championship match against incumbent Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 on October 6th.

Predictably, the entire press conference was an insane spectacle completely dominated, and probably orchestrated, by McGregor and McGregor’s camp, with Nurmagomedov barely getting a word in edgeways.

Remarkably, the least-notable revelation came from the announcement that not only does McGregor have his own whisky line now – Proper Twelve – but that it will be a sponsor of the UFC and will feature prominently on the canvas of UFC 229 which absolutely cannot go wrong for Conor whatsoever.

Among the list of verbal tactics employed by McGregor throughout the conference, homophobia, Islamophobia, and threats of abject murder were rife. Par for the course of any McGregor diatribe, realistically.

On the racism front, McGregor pushed a glass of his whisky in front of Nurmagomedov – a devout Muslim – and then called him a “backwards c*nt” who was a “buzz at parties” when he refused to drink it.

Later, during the photo-op face off, McGregor got into a heated verbal stoush with a member of Khabib’s camp, calling him – among other things – a “terrorist snitch.”

Elsewhere, when Khabib asked McGregor the frankly inane question “Why you send me no message on Twitter?” McGregor fired up immediately with “Do I look like a bloke who messages blokes? Fuck you.

And, in reference to the now-infamous incident in which Khabib’s bus was attacked by a furious Conor in April, McGregor’s charming summation of the situation said it all.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that that man did not have the balls to get off the bus, or the doors did not open. Because this man would be dead right now.

He’d be in a box and I’d be in a cell.

Ahh yes. How fortunate he was not forced to commit murder.

Conor McGregor, ladies and gentleman. Forever a class act.

UFC 229 goes down on Sunday October 7th Australian time. Lord, give us strength.