Conor McGregor‘s press conferences are usually a good time. He gets that fans are there for the blood and circuses of it all, and that once it comes down to it MMA is really just pro wrestling with even more severe lasting bone-and-muscle trauma. Sports entertainment, baby!

He showed up late to the UFC press conference which was preceding what could well be the strongest card in UFC history – which features his own attempt to snatch the lightweight belt from Eddie Alvarez. While Alvarez waited, he was roasted mercilessly by the extremely pro-McGregor crowd, which featured a number of travelling Irish fans.

After Alvarez stood up and walked off in disgust, McGregor showed up wearing a mink coat, said “Sorry I’m late, I just don’t give a fuck!” and stole Alvarez’s belt.

That almost led to a melée between the two blokes, which forced UFC prez Dana White to hold the two apart – stopping McGregor from walloping Alvarez over the noggin with a chair.

Fucken hell. UFC – it’s never boring.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Getty Images.