Conor McGregor Is Getting A Sculpture Of Himself For His 30th Because Obviously

What do you buy for the man who has everything, including the ability to obliterate a man’s spine with a devastating strike from his shinbone? An enormous statue in his likeness, of course!

For his 30th birthday, MMA fighter Conor McGregor will receive a “hyper-realistic” sculpture of himself from Lithuanian artist Edgar Askelovic – better known by the name Aspencrow – which is valued at around $90,000. Finally, his rig will be captured in the only mode that can truly respect it.

It honestly looks pretty sick:

“It is an honour Conor has accepted this as a gift from me,” said the UK-based artist. “He is a phenomenon of our time – not just a smart athlete, but also a visionary.”

The sculpture, which is appropriately named Atlas, will be unveiled at an art gallery in London on the 14th of July, McGregor’s 30th birthday.

Aspencrow says that the striking form of the sculpture, which features McGregor entombed in stone, can be interpreted in a number of ways:

It’s up to you what you see in it. You can see him as a prisoner, or a God, or just as a person. I like Conor McGregor – he’s a great guy. I feel he’s my soulmate. Some of the decisions he makes might not be correct, but none of us are ideal.

The artist admits that he hasn’t actually spoken to McGregor directly, but has been communicating with him through a friend.

“That’s how I got the information that he knows about the sculpture, and that he accepts it,” he told the BBC. Communicating with the artist who has immortalised you in marble through a third party, refusing actual face-to-face contact? A true alpha move folks.

If you’re in London at that time for whatever reason, the sculpture will be on display at the JD Malat Gallery from 14 July to 30 September.