Conor McGregor Can’t Throw For Shit

We know that a) Conor McGregor has spent the bulk of his sporting life in largely ball-free environments, and b) Ireland’s truly bizarre crop of native team sports don’t exactly call for much throwing. But even considering all that, this is an absolutely shameful effort.

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McGregor, showing no signs of giving a shit following his loss at UFC 229 and the subsequent chaos that followed, showed up at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas earlier today to watch the city’s NFL team take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While there, McGregor handed out bottles of his burgeoning Proper No. 12 whiskey to players, officials, and anyone capable of holding it. He also talked shop with exceedingly wealthy Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and helped fire up the Cowboys who went on to stomp the Jags mercilessly en route to a 40 – 7 win.

However McGregor also took the time to jog around on the field and, in full view of the cameras, tried to throw a football.

“Tried” being the understatement of the year, there.

Mate, what the hell is going on there? What kind of grip is that? Why are you trying to throw the dang thing like a tray of food? Is this literally his first time seeing a football?

Alternative angles only prove that the original shot somehow made his throw look better than it really was.

Footwork all over the place. No momentum. Didn’t step into the throw. Completely front-on at the point of ball release.

No doubt about it: That’s an absolute mess.

Obviously it doesn’t bother him one bit given he’s incredibly wealthy. But if there’s one thing you can take away from this accursed Monday, it’s that you’re probably a better throw than Conor McGregor.

Small victories, mates. That’s the name of the game.