Hardcore Chinese NBA Fans Have Nicknamed Steph Curry “Fucks The Sky”

A little fun one to round off your day here: An intrepid Twitter user has uncovered the wild nicknames that hardcore NBA fans in China have given superstar players, and the results are… fairly wild, to say the least.

The story goes thusly: Historian Nick Kapur pointed out the fact that official Chinese media sources often use what he calls “boring phonetic translations” when converting player names into the notably complex Mandarin language, failing to use Chinese characters that have both sound and meaning attached to them.

Big time hoops fans in China have, to that end, prescribed some wild nicknames to players that often have long paths to get there.

How wild? Try these on for size.

LeBron James, for example, is known as “The Little Emporer,” which is a play on a slang term for “spoiled only child.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo is known as “Letters Bro” because his surname has… y’know… a coupla letters in it.

Manu Ginobli earns by far and away the coolest nickname of “The Demon Blade” for his ability to Eurostep his way to the rim, and Kobe Bryant scores “Snail Shell” because of how it rhymes in the local tongue.

Former NBA journeyman and current Chinese star Stephon Marbury scored what is quite clearly the most left-field nickname of “Marburyist Political Commisar,” which is merely an extremely long socialist pun, meanwhile Dwyane Wade cops a warrior nickname that just-so-happens to be a soundalike for his actual name.

The recently-retired Andre Miller cops “Karen Mok” for his apparent uncanny resemblance to the Hong Kong actress and pop star of the same name.

It’s like I’m seeing double there. Four Andres!

But by far and away the best one belongs to Steph Curry.

The Golden State Warriors gun owns the incredible moniker “Fucks The Sky,” and the path there is a bloody journey, I tell you what.

Far beyond intimating that he literally humps clouds, Curry’s phonetic name in Mandarin contains a character that combines the characters for both sun and ground. The character for sun also happens to double as a slang term for “fuck.”

Noting that old mate likes to shoot 3s with decent regularity, fans simply replaced the character for ground or Earth with the one for sky instead.

Therefore, Steph Curry “Fucks The Sky” in China.

How the hell about that, sports fans. How the hell about that.